Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Weekend :)

We started our weekend Friday night with some super amazing people. We went to a cook out at our friends house and hung out, talked, watched movies, and just had a good ole time with them and another family that we adore! They have a daughter baby boy's age and she is literally the only baby he will give the time of day! It is so weird and so cute!! We got some really cute pics of them together but out of respect of our friends will not post the pics without their permission. If you're close family I already sent you some so check your emails!

The next day our friends with the baby girl came over and had lunch with us. I made a simple light lunch and it was yummy and everyone enjoyed it. I made a garden fresh pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, green and red bell peppers, cucumber, brocoli, diced pepperoni, parmesan cheese, red pepper Italian dressing adn rotini noodles. It was so yummy! We had little ham and swiss sandwiches on rolls and this super easy and light and fluffy pineapple salad. It has crushed pineapples that you let the marshmallows soak up the juices and then you fold in some cool whip. Its so simple yet so yummy! The babies talked and it was fun to watch their little girls mind work. She figured out how to get the toy off the toy bar and couldn't reach the other one so unhooked one side of the toy bar so it could be lowered! She is only four months old by the way but her reasoning skills are amazing!! We were pretty lazy the rest of the day, but it was a great weekend!

As many of you know I cloth diaper and I love it. We do it cause its great for our son and also great for the environment so its a win win, but its hard to find diapers that are worth using and I thought I had done well. I have read everything I can get my hands on, joined forums to get opinions and well I got some crappy diapers. It was my fault. I should have known better than to order facotry seconds, but I did because it was a great deal! (Although I have heard its not just the factory seconds) These are the Nubunz ( and I wasn't thrilled with them anyways because my baby boy pees right through them and are just not a good day to day diaper and definitely not a nap time or over night diaper! But now recently they PUL has been separating (we've only been using them 2 months) and ripping making them absolutely useless! I do have my Kawaii diapers that I LOVE, but this is making my stash go down more than I like! (Kawaii diapers can be found at and I can seriously say we LOVE these) I did have a super nice Mama give us some Bum Genius all in ones and pockets and those are way expensive compared to the Kawaii brand ones and not even as good! I wouldn't recommend those to anyone either. Most pics that you see of our little one you'll see him in the Kawaii brand ones. On Sunday another awesome Mama gave me a few more diapers and I'm really excited to try them. One brand is Gro Baby diapers and they are like this hybrid diaper that has a cloth insert and when you go out you can use a disposable insert (which she gave us two diapers, cloth inserts, and a box of disposable ones!!). These look like they could be our out and about diaper and I'm considering buying an extra diaper or two! She also gave me a Goodmama diaper and I'm so excited to try that one! It is so cute and soft and plush and oh how I wish I could afford more of those ones just beause I love the way it feels LOL. Hopefully it works well on my little ones bum! She also gave me another diaper I have never heard of but it is definitely interesting. I'm going to try one on my little man after his nap today! They are called Hiney Lineys ( and they are a pocket diaper (which I'm obsessed with pocket diapers) and can be reused you just take the insert and liner out and replace them.  Thank you mamas for giving us diapers to try! If any of you have cloth diapers that need a new home and you're wanting to giveaway/sell for an affordable price let me know! I am looking to replace my Nubunz  as they tear and have almost reached my diaper budget (we're seriously on a tight budget) so anything would help! Plus I LOVE learning about new diapers! Who know there were like thousands of them out there!!!!

Search & Win

I am getting my Gro Baby diaper from amazon through gift cards I earned through swagbucks! Just thought I'd share that little bit of info as well LOL, so with that extra diaper I'm not using any of my budget but getting it for free!


The Longs in Italy.... said...

YUMMY! That lunch sounds SPECTACULAR!!!

Oh and that is awesome about the swagbucks! I just realized I have $40 from Ruelala because people bought stuff and I can't wait to use the free mulah! I hope you enjoy yours!