Friday, August 16, 2013

My New Obsession

As most of you know I love to cook, I love to have nice things in my kitchen, which constantly leads to new obsessions. I LOVE dutch ovens and would have many more if space and my hubby would allow it! He thinks four is plenty but I think you need one in every size, in every shape, from every company that is worth cooking in but thats me and that is totally an old obsession that is so hard to keep in check.

The new obsession Pyrex, not just any old pyrex though it has to be Vintage Pyrex. You know the stuff you see in your grandma's cupboards from the 50's and 60's, when it was still made in the U.S. Plus its beautiful, it has such amazing patterns, and new patterns are constantly popping. Now only if I had the money to buy the new patterns popping up! One thing I didn't know when I started collecting it this year is that it seems to be such a popular thing to do! Ugh! That makes prices a bit higher than I was hoping for and of course our thrift stores around here suck, but I'm hoping I'll have better luck when we move to Texas next year!!

I have also been being introduced to other vintage kitchen items and so the downward spiral begins! LOL

You can see my awesome cookie jar to the side its a Bartlett Collins and I'm in love with it!
I just LOVE these stacking canisters!
I also have the amazing cookie jar in the background and few other things that are not pyrex such as an amazing pink chip and dip set! I sadly don't have pictures to share at this time, but now for some of my beloved pyrex!

My first couple of weeks not much but trust me I have  a lot more now LOL
I need 3 more to complete this set! Its called barcode and its awesome (473, 474)!
Sage with gold scroll (045) and below is opal with green scroll (043). The top is a larger size and I have since bought a lid for the bottom one :) 

I love everything scroll and would love all the different shapes and colors one day.

blue tulips (043)

Saxony or Tree of Life (475) This is the hubby's faves 

Lace Medallion (045) This is one of my faves
I have an obsession for the Pyrex Family Flair. I seriously love it and its my favorite part of all the Pyrex out there and was only made for maybe two years. I also have some in yellow and only the pink bowls, but I need more pink in my life!
I love love Butterprint. And some of these are my first pieces, others I got on ebay and others I picked up in person. I still have a few more pieces to get to complete this set and I hope its in the near future!! I also have two of the yellow butterprint (so hard to find!) and maybe one day just one day I'll find the pink butterprint!

I love all the blues and turquoises in Pyrex and that is mostly what I collect if you couldn't tell! If you look above my first piece was a divided snowflake dish (turquoise on white) and I got these ones just need three more to complete my set! I also just got an open baker that is white on turquoise so now I only need three more to complete that set! 
This is just some of my collection. I wish we had room to display it all so I could show how beautiful it all looks together! I can't wait to add more!!