Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Day Out with Thomas!! (AL April 2013)

As one of our monsters birthday gifts we got him another set of tickets to go see Thomas the Train and this time when we said want to go see Thomas he understood completely and was so excited. This time we drove 4 hours to Alabama to see Thomas the train. The town was smaller and the train station smaller as well so when we drove up there was no missing Thomas the Train. We were expecting it so I missed getting his first reaction on camera which to be honest kind of pissed me off. Now that we knew what to expect from the last one we knew what things he would like to do and what things would be boring so we hit up the train tables again and got more Thomas Tattoos and he had a blast while we were waiting for our train ride. These cars were cool. They were open air cars and we got the first one right behind Thomas and our little man couldn't have been more excited. It was rather loud though and the speakers quite awful but we could feel the wind and see everything so much better than last time so it was worth it in the end. I really do recommend going and checking out one of these events if you have any little train lovers in your home.