Monday, August 12, 2013

Day Out With Thomas - Cordele, GA October 2012

**Note I have two blogs and realized that I had been posting to the wrong blog go me! LOL This was a Thomas' Day out in October 2012 in GA and it was awesome. We also did another one this past April as well and had just as much fun!!**

Ya'll if you know our 2 year old you know that he is trained obsessed. And I mean literally obsessed, he'll wake up from a nap and not say "Hi Mommy or Daddy" but "Where is Thomas?" He gets excited when he sees train tracks or a glimpse of train whether it be on t.v. or while we're driving around town. Well one of the perks about being stateside again is that we can take our little man to awesome events! We found out that they have this event called Thomas' Day Out! and ya'll its one of the coolest things for toddlers ever! We of course bought tickets and drove 4 1/2 hours to Cordele, GA just so we could take like a 10 minute ride on Thomas the Train. And the look on his face when Thomas pulled up was totally worth the whole trip. I am SO happy we went. He still is talking about it months later and he can't wait until the next one comes our way and if its within driving distance I can guarantee you we'll be jumping in our cars to take him to see Thomas the Train again!

Enjoy the pics from our day! Definitely worth the experience if you have a little one who is train obsessed as well!

(Pictures to come when I dig my harddrive out!)