Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Home!

We decided after much discussion that we would live on base. Moving is freaking expensive and needing furniture and not having to put deposits down on a base house made it the obvious choice. At this base there are SEVERAL different areas of housing all being built at different times so there is old housing, new housing and everything in between. We opted for older housing and we're actually so happy that we did. Our neighbor is quiet, we have the bay literally behind our home, we have the most amazing trees in our front lawn, and we just don't have to bother with all the kids and traffic that the newer housing areas deal with since everyone wants to live there. Our home is small, but it forced me to go through boxes that we haven't opened in years from previous moves. We don't have a garage or a laundry room but those aren't things that will kill us. We're happy with our choice even if others think we're crazy but hey we're pocketing part of our BAH and they're not so yet another plus in our column! Here's our house :) Don't judge, its cozy and perfect for a little family like ours!