Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beautiful Songs

If you have ever struggled with getting pregnant or found out that you never could carry a child this song is amazing about our struggle and trials. It really tears me up since it hits so close to home. Although I did feel like this at one time its not currently how I feel anymore I just remember the feelings and memories. I am a mommy now to the most amazing baby boy there is! I do feel truly blessed to have such an amazing child and we are a family finally! I love you baby boy! Thank you God for finding us worthy to raise such an amazing little person!

This song makes me cry like a little baby because I know my own baby boy will feel like this one day. It breaks my heart to think that he may one day believe his birthmom just gave him away but we will go through life trying to let him know how much she truly loved him and what she did was one of the most selfless acts a mother could ever do! This song was written by an adoptee for his birthmom when he finally understood what she did for him. It is one of the most amazing and beautiful songs I have heard. It will seriously bring you to tears!

This is about the making of the song Everything to Me by Mark Schultz (song above). Just simply amazing. Adoption is amazing! I hope my son knows how much both of his moms loved him as he grows :)