Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

My mom of all people took my hubby to Hooters and then told the girls it was his birthday. As you can see from the red face she embarrassed him good!

If you  know my hubby you know he loves CSI and MGM Grand Casino does a CSI attraction!
So my mom and Larry went with him to be a CSI Looks like they had fun!

Baby boy and I making faces at the webcam for dada LOL

He really thought this was tons of fun!

Well dada was off in Vegas we were having a wonderful time with these amazing ladies!

one of my favorite pics I'm sure I've posted before :)

my lumberjack baby!

showing off his teeth and crawling all over dada!

They seriously love each other :)

I seriously love them both!

He had learned to use his toys as a stepping stool

second time meeting Santa this time it wasn't so traumatic.

He loves to crawl through things and got stuck silly boy!