Friday, February 25, 2011

Everyone Loves Free Stuff

Ok so I know I love to earn free stuff and I always wondered if any of these paid email sites, these earn points by searching, earn gifts by shopping, websites were for real. I was a big chicken when it came to all of them but I got brave and I've finally tried quite a few! I have learned which ones are for real and which ones aren't. Now I'm going to post them here for those of you want to know but haven't tried them yet. These are for real. I would never post anything that couldn't be used.

My personal favorite is SWAGBUCKS. This site you join and you get a buck for the toolbar, a buck for doing the daily poll, a buck for looking at the survey page (more if you do the surveys and profiles), 2 bucks for NOSO page which you can skip all the offers, five bucks for watching short videos and some are actually quite interesting, and then you earn bucks for just using their search engine. And occassionally they put out swag codes worth various amounts. Now I use this one all the time I've gotten lots of gift cards and so has my sister! We are addicted lol.

The second one I use a lot is MyPoints and they are similar to swagbucks, but once you hit 30 searches you get 75 points, they send emails to you for surveys that you'll get an automatic 10 points for or 60 if you complete it, you get 5 points for each email offer they send you and click on, and then you can shop online and earn points through them that way (for example I send pictures through one hour photo to the in laws and I earn 2 points for every dollar I spend when I send them through walgreens). I have enough points to get a gift cards but I'm saving for a big one! LOL (Oh and you can refer a friend so send me your email so I can earn 25 more points! LOL)

This one,  ZoomBucks, I just started but is similar to the ones above, you get emails and click them
 for points, you can do surveys, search through them and do may other offers but its not going too well since all my offers are in Italian! This one will more thanlikely be great in the states so I'll continue to do the email points and what not until then.

InboxDollars is one of those read emails and earn money and you can do offers and earn even more. This one does take a bit longer to earn money before you cash out but its possible. If you sign up now you get a $5 bonus! I am doing this one even though it will take awhile and you can also search 5 searches a day for 5 more cents I know doesn't sound like a lot but it will all add up!

The last one I do is Hit$4Pay and this one you get a $10 sign on bonus and its strictly emails you read. This one will also take awhile to add up but i figure it doesn't hurt to click on them while you're doing the others!

I do recommend having an email just for these if you plan on doing it because you will get a bunch of emails daily from them! I have joined a few others but I'm waiting to see if they're for real! Let me know if you try them out and what you think! Also let me know if you any any others that work! (I know there are a few more that may work but being in Itally they don't work, but I'll save them for future reference!)