Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1st Birthday Officially

Today is officially Nathan's first birthday! He is such a big boy now :(

We had yummy Soft Chocolate Cookies (the recipe can be found on my other blog) for his birthday and they were so yummy! We had pot roast, taters and carrots for dinner which he LOVES and then he got a present or two from family that was sent in the mail :).

A tunnel from Auntie Meghan which him and the doggies LOVE.

A recordable book that his Godfather/Uncle Stevan recorded for him. Bright & Beautiful A Child's Blessing and he loves listening to it!

A VTech Winnie the Pooh Book from our good friends the Baxters

A Mickey Mouse Card with some Cash from his Great Grandma (on my mom's side)
Plus he has more gifts from his Grandma and Auntie from my side that he doesn't get til his birthday party! So of course more pics to come! He did get a lot of phone calls with singing and happy birthday messages that he truly enjoyed and also lots of FB messages from everyone!!! Thank you all!!