Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby's Birthday Month so far....

As most of you already know Nathan is turning one this month!! I just can't believe my little giant is going to be one and that a full year has passed since he's been alive! It really does amaze me how quickly time flies!!

So far this month he has gotten all sorts of neat gifts from family and friends!!

He got his first gift from Auntie Meghan!! A Thomas the Train tunnel which he loves to play in with the dogs! I've been slacking an having taken a pic of him in it yet!! I'll do that soon!!

He got his first birthday card in the mail from one of the hubby's good friends Jamie with a gift card inside! How freaking awesome right?!?!

He's also gotten a few gifts from my mom but they're wrapped waiting for his birthday!! So no pics yet!

My mom did send this LeapFrog Birthday Cake to him which is so stinking cool!! The candles light up and it sings and you actually low out the candles!! How stinkin' cool is that?!?!

The hubby's parents have sent him a card and gift as well that he's already opened hehehe...yeah I can't wait for the most part so I let him open stuff lol.

Reading his card from Grandma and Grandpa

Opening his present from Grandma and Grandpa :)
 Then he got a card in the mail from his Grandma Teddi (my mom) and of course she filled it with glittery stuff and of course being Nathan he thought it was pretty gosh darn tasty!

Eating Birthday glitter
He just got another gift in the mail today from our good friends Brandy, Herman, and Joy!! Dada said he couldn't have til his birthday though :(

It's stinking cute and yes I did play with shhh....don't tell baby!
We also had baby boys pictures done and we're still waiting to see how they turned out :) but I ordered him a cake and this was his first birthday cake of the month :)

made by Cakesby Colleen
And I've been working on stuff for his party. We are doing goody boxes instead of goody bags and I made centerpieces with his pictures (the ones I ordered they couldn't fill so I had to come up with something!)

I'll post more at the end of the month cause I'm sure he'll get more things! Plus his birthday party is coming up as well :)