Sunday, March 13, 2011

Carnivale!!!! Venice, Italy!!! Freaking Amazing!!

We have been in Italy for a few years now and this year we finally made it to Carnivale in Venice, Italy!! I have been hesitant in the past because of the crazy crowds and if you know me that can totally stress me out! This year we had an amazing group of people going and invited us and we agreed. And boy are we glad we agreed! It was so much fun!! It was also a lot of firsts for our little man as well!!!

Baby boys first train ride!

Wine for the train ride :)

Boys deep in conversation...

Nathan hanging out with the ladies!

Baby boy in his own seat looking so cute!

The train ride has been one of the best I've taken to Venice so far! We were with an amazing group of people. We had fun. They drank. We chatted. We had a blast! Its definitely one for the books! When we got to Venice you could definitely tell that it was Carnivale with all the costumes, people, masks, and colors everywhere it was amazing!

Nathan's first cannoli thanks Tio Raul!

Those are men dressed up as cheerleaders by the way

These are just a few of the many pictures from that night! We had such an amazing time and this group of people seriously rocks! They have been amazing to know and we have been truly blessed to have been stationed with them! They've made our overseas just that much more bearable! They were amazing when my hubby was gone and even when he's here! Seriously glad to know them all and look forward to knowing them for many more years to come! We LOVE you guys!