Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Whole Year

I honestly cannot believe its been almost one whole year since my baby boy was born! This first  year has seriously flown by and I'm not entirely sure where it all went! I can say that it has been an amazing year and I couldn't be happier that our little man is in our lives! He truly brings out the best in everyone (well not Peanut but if you know my chihuahua you get it! LOL).

It has been amazing watching him learn and grow in this year. Its amazing how big babies get so quickly and all the amazing things they learn along the way. It has also made all the difference having a husband involved that really truly wanted to be a dad. Its amazing to watch him with his son and get excited over every little thing he does. It truly makes my heart happy having a partner in life who wants to do all these things with me and our little man!

Now if you know my husband at all he truly gets worked up when baby does anything! Like seriously excited yelling jumping and I swear at times it looks like he tears up but he totally won't admit to that! He was so worried that when he was TDY to the states that little man would start walking and thankfully he waited for dada to come home!

Baby boy has had a lot of first this year including all the normal ones like rolling, crawling, walking, first food, bath, and what not. He's also had first that some children will never get at his age like a passport, his first stamp from Ireland, his first trip to Venice, Italy, his first Gelato in Venice, Italy, he's been on more plane rides than your average adult, his first trip to Carnivale, his first signs (I love that he can communicate with us!), and so many more firsts that most babies this age would never get to experience because he's an Air Force Angel :) and some sad first like Dada having to go TDY.

I just can't believe that my little 20 inch 6 lbs 4 oz little tiny baby boy is now half my height and about 25 lbs already! As you can see he's more than likely going to be as tall as his dada! This little man fits so perfectly in our lives and we thank God daily that he is here! We love being with him, holding him, loving on him, and everything about him. We love that he's a good eater, that he can entertain himself, that he thinks spinning is hiliarious, that he learns things entirely too quickly, that he smiles when we walk into a room, that he loves to give us kisses, and so many other things that he does that make our hearts just melt.

I have learned many things as a first time parent as well and I've learned that no two children like the same thing, behave the same way, and that a lot of advice given to me will not benefit me in anyway. If you ask me for advice I'll tell you what worked for my child but there is no guarantee it will work for yours :) so don't expect miracles when asking for advice from others. I have also learned many first time parents think they know all which I find hiliarious but I'm going to ask the mama of at least two kids for tips and guidelines but thats just me lol.

Things that didn't work for us:

1. He hated the baby swing. We got one because we thought all babies loved them but wrong! Couldn't get him to stay in it for longer than like two minutes.

2. Vibrating bouncy chair. He would sit in it for short periods as long as you didn't turn the vibrating part on. If you did he would scream his little head off!

3. Infant carseat for us was a waste of money because our mini giant grew out of it way too fast!

4. Nuby sippy cups were a waste of money.

5. Stuffed animals aren't really necessary.

6. Pacifiers never worked in our home. He spit them out from the beginning (which really isn't a bad thing no fighting later on to take it away!)

7. Mobile- He would never sleep if that thing was on and eventually dada broke it anyhow.

Things that we love:

1. Cart Cover- I was told many times over that it was a waste of money and that we'd never use it but we use it all the time and love the thing! When baby is teething he always tries to chew on the cart which is gross and this stops him from that and also gives a place to connect toys.

2. Boppy Pillow- We LOVE this thing for not only feeding him, but tummy time, to set behind him when he was learning to set up, he uses it as a pillow when he wants to feed himself a pillow, we lay him in it when we change his diaper, and even the dogs love it! We still use it to this day.

3. Convertible Carseat- what an amazing thing! Plus we can keep him facing backwards up to 35lbs! I may even look for one with a higher rear facing weight (haven't decided yet).

4. Tilty Sippy Cups- We decided to go with something that was more designed for baby and no they're not spill proof. We decided against those sippy cups as well since they wouldn't be good for his teeth. But he hates those cups anyhow and LOVES his Tilty!

5. Exersaucer- He actually loved this toy and would sit in it and play and play. One of the only toys you could set him in that he would freak out over!

6. Baby Signing Time are the most amazing dvds ever and he LOVES them! He can tell us when he's hungry, wants milk, and a few other things. He started signing at 7 months :)

Things I learned as a Mommy:

1. Teething sucks!

2. Bath time is freaking hiliarious

3. If a baby is crying its for a reason

4. I'm not as grossed out by baby poo now that he's mine

5. Baby vomit smells bad and I can't deal with it no matter who it comes out of

6. Hair care isn't that bad once you figure out what works for you :) (oh and to write a T.O. for dada so he doesn't use the whole bottle of $12 leave in conditioner in one sitting!)

7. Babies learn things very quickly and when they're ready not when you're ready

8. Babies can crawl really fast

9. they grow out of their clothes quickly so hand me downs are always welcomed!

10. They just grow up entirely too fast and I wish I had a pause button sometimes!!

I'm sure there are many other things that didn't work for us or did and I'm sure I've learned many many more things but I could sit here writing all day for that but instead I'll end here and leave you with a birthday pic preview! We had his birthday pics done this month by Tammy Leach in the local area and she sent me a couple preview pics that are just adorable! Can't wait to see the rest!

OH yeah we're Dallas fans! Go Cowboys! LOL

Eating some of that yummy birthday cake from the previous post!


Out for an Adventure said...

Awwwww what an adorable kid! Love that Dallas photo!!

And a happy first to Nathan as well!
A wonderful post to read too!

Looking forward to more birthday pics too! =]