Thursday, March 3, 2011

Then Sings My Soul (special edition)

This is a book review for Then Sings My Soul which I received free from Book Sneeze for this review. I may review this book the way I see fit and it does not have to be a positive review.

Then Sings My Soul Special Edition 
By Robert J. Morgan

This is a beautiful book with 150 hymns and songs. I did not read this book in order and am actually still going through it but I found it so interesting that I decided to blog about it before I have completed all of them. Its not one of those books that you sit down and just have to read from beginning to end but you can go through it and look for what you want depending on the season which is super nice.  It is even sectioned off into holidays like Christmas and Easter which makes things super easy to find. It is really fascinating to find out facts and how songs came to be. Each song has two pages one to the history and one to the sheet music which just makes it that much more exceptional. If you are a music lover and love history this is definitely a book that needs to be added to your collection.


Artist said...

Thanks for this review, it made me actually want to get the book.