Sunday, March 13, 2011

Deals Deals and more Deals!

Well if you know me at all you know I have an obsession for deals. You can see these deal sites in my last post Everyone Loves Free Stuff and the different sites that I use to earn stuff well since we've had baby I joined a couple points earning sites and I was kind of skeptical of them at first but hey they really work!!

I joined the diaper ones that are available Pampers Gifts to Grow and Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards .
I'm not really a fan of the Huggies program it takes forever to earn points and then they never have anything to choose from when you do have points, so I've pretty much given up on that one. I do use the Pampers codes all the time! I love that one!! I just redeemed my first prize and already got it in the mail.

Go Diego Go soft potty seat free from Pampers Gifts to Grow program

Now this program I should have joined a long time ago!!! Why I never did I'll never know and because we don't keep cases I wasn't able to use a lot of codes booooooo!!! Now that I know I'm looking everyone for my Disney Movie Rewards points to earn free stuff!!! I am getting my first reward in the mail and I"m super excited!!

Free DVD with Disney Rewards Programs
The cool thing with all three of these rewards programs is that you not only get the codes/points from the products you buy from them but you can also get extra points online! If  you just google which rewards program you are looking for points for you will find tons of places to find the extra codes :)

Another site I signed up for is Viewpoints and you don't really get a lot of free stuff from them because it is a product review site but everyone now and then they'll run a deal to earn free gift cards. The last one I did was in February and it was 10 reviews for $10 amazon gift card which I thought was great! I love amazon so I thought what the heck and did it. I wasn't sure if I'd get the gift card or not but shortly after the promotion was over I got the code in an email. I was excited!! I of course already spent it and on something for baby boy!! Dada has been wanting sunglasses for his little man so I finally broke down and got them and it didn't hurt since they didn't really cost me a thing!
Free Kid Banz with a free amazon gc from viewpoints!

I just thought I would share some ways to earn free stuff with all of you because I know I love free stuff too!!

These next to sites are for parents and people buying for kids. They have some of the best daily deals I've seen.  Totsy and Zulily are the two sites. You have to sign up to these deal sites and they will send you emails when they have new shops offering products for 50% off and more!!! Name brands, eco friendly brands, stuff for mom and dad, stuff for kids of all ages. They're really neat :)