Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Boy had a Photo Shoot :)

On July 25, 2010 our little man had a photo shoot. I had been looking for someone who would do his pictures inexpensively because you know we're pretty poor at this point in time (can't wait for the beginning of the year!) and we found this super nice and amazing person who did them for free. I'm not sure if she wants her info out there so I'm not going to post any of her details as of yet :). She just shoots them and then edits them and puts them on a thumb drive or something similar and then we have them printed however and wherever we want! Pretty sweet deal right?!?! Well she posted a few on facebook and they are super cute! (We still have to meet with her to pick up the rest but its been a hectic week, but what week isn't?!?!) Anywho here are the pics enjoy!

Now these ones have all been changed (I'm sure some of the ones above have been too like cropped and what not but these ones are obvious and they're pics from above as well)

She really did do a great job with our little man! Its so hard to get him to smile for the camera and to actually get it on film, but she got a couple smiles! Way better than I could have done plus he looks cute no matter what!


Brigette said...

Those are all really good pics

The Longs in Italy.... said...

Such a cute lil guy! Cute pics!

Michelle said...

How cute!