Monday, July 5, 2010

My Little Prince is a Talker!

Our little Prince has officially found his voice! In the last couple of days someone has found the on button and he has been going off for days on end. It is soooo cute to just sit back and listen to him babble on and on in his little baby talk. Although I do wonder where the on/off switch is or at least the translate switch! I have no clue what he's going on and on about but man does he have a good time telling us what is on his mind!

He is probably telling us how dumb we sound when we baby talk him or that our silly faces really aren't that silly!

The hubby is sure loving it though! Oh man he can sit there and carry on a conversation with the Prince for awhile before he gets bored with or before the Prince gets frustrated (I'm sure its frustrating telling people what is on your mind and they have no idea what you're saying or what you want!).

If this is a preview of what is to come he is definitely going to fit into this family of talkers! Plus he has grandparents and aunts that can't wait to talk to him on the phone! They already love to call and listen to him babble in his baby talk!

I do think when the Prince says his first words that daddy is going to pee his pants in excitement though! It is so cute to see how excited he gets with every new little thing he learns to do. I think its almost more fun to watch daddy freak out!

I can honestly say that I've been blessed with an amazing hubby. How many dads really sit down and get involved with every aspect of their children's lives? Mine actually changes diapers and likes doing it because of how excited our little man gets over it! He even rinses out the poopy ones! Oh yeah I have it made! The only thing he doesn't like doing is the bottles and yes those are definitely a pain in the ass with all the parts that go to them (we use the Dr. Brown bottles), but other than that you can't tear him away from his son. I think our little marshmallow man came at the right time in our lives and to the right daddy that is for sure! I don't know what I'll do the first time he deploys!

Our little man already likes his bedtime routine of daddy feeding him and then putting him down for the night. I tried to alter the routine tonight and didn't think much of it but oh boy was he not having it! He wouldn't sleep and just wanted daddy to rock him. I think I'll have trouble on my hands the first night he is gone or has to work nights!

But if you're one of my FB friends you definitely have to check out his little talking videos that I've on there. He is so stinkin' cute! There just are not words to describe what a doll baby he is!