Monday, July 5, 2010

Signs are a tell all...

This life has sure been one hell of a ride. Things go well and sometimes too well (which to me is a sign of bad things to come) and things go bad, but everyday is a new ride. I for one think I'm pretty damn lucky to be living the life I lead and sometimes I'm the crazy ass that tries to just push it over the edge. You know try to do way to much at one time. For instance for some unGodly reason I thought I could be effin super mom. LMAO Boy was I wrong and the universe sure had a different idea of what I should be doing and where I should be doing it at!

Lets see I became a new mom and I'm already a housewife that does the cooking cleaning and all that fun shit. I'm also a student, which I need to be (or at least in my mind I need to be) and I do this as full time as I can. This means two to three classes per ten week with no break in between! Then I've been trying to volunteer on base and that sure the hell isn't going well. Its hard to do when you only have one car and you're dear hubby thinks the always needs it! Then I decided to get a job.

The job would be working on base in the evenings at the movie theater. Yes, simple enough. I got the interview way quicker than I had ever anticipated and got the job literally on the spot. Okay cool right?!? Wrong. I'm the dumb ass that forgot all about our post placement and had to cancel two nights in a row. Never really got my work schedule anyhow it was just a day by day thing I guess until I started, so needless to say that was a shitty start to a new job. So then I'm told they'll get back to me and I'm told just drop my stuff so when I do so I agree to try to make things work out with the new supervisor and I start that Wednesday. I work and try to learn what to do what not to do, which isn't that hard after all since its just a movie theater. (Plus the hubby was far from thrilled when he figured out I'd be home around 10pm so that didn't go over too well either) I get home from my first night. I eat dinner go to bed and wake up at 1:45 am with the worst, painful, migraine I have ever had and I've had some that I thought were the worst ever! I run to the bathroom where I proceed to puke my brains out. Like disgustingly violent, nasty vomiting. This continues to happen about every half hour to the point that my throat is so raw that I start puking up blood. Its was disgusting to say the least and I just wanted to die or have someone put me out of my misery!

The hubby calls to work the next morning (he's been up all night as well at his point) and tells them he has to take me to the doctor, which he does (and we were there a long ass time). I'm still puking when he takes me in and I'm carrying around my white trash can and everyone is looking at me like I'm a lunatic. My hair is beyond a mess. I look like he picked me up off the side of the road and it was just bad. My throat is beyond raw, by this time my whole body hurts from all the puking and lying on the floor. I haven't really talked much until I get to the docs office and now I find out that I'm losing my effin voice from it all. They do this blood pressure test, where I have to stand, sit, lay down and they say you're too dehydrated to leave. I get put in a treatment room hooked up to an IV, I get a shot in my ass for the pain, some meds in my IV to make me stop puking and I have to sit there through two bags of solution. I start to feel better prob cause I'm actually keeping some fluid down. I'm totally week, tired, can't talk and whole body hurts and I'm suppose to work that night. Yeah right! The next day I just feel shitty and still tired and week and after taking care of our little prince there isn't much I can do. I can finally talk by Saturday but I'm so behind in life that its not even worth thinking about work anymore. So needless to say the job was short lived, but I am one of those crazy ass people who believe in signs and when the job didn't work out the first time I should have known then it wasn't meant to be but of course I had to test fate and the bitch put me in the clinc hooked up to an IV. That was the last sign I needed cause who knows what would have happened next!

Now I have this nasty ass bruise on my arm with a needle puncture. My throat is still a bit nutso, but I feel almost completely better (my stomach is still arguing with me though), but I am not even going to attempt working again. I think someone bigger than myself is telling to stay the fuck home with my child!