Thursday, July 22, 2010


I love this picture of our little man. It is so hard to get him to smile in a picture. He'll be smiling away and then as soon as you click it he's serious. It drives me bonkers!

Even when the hubby saw this picture he was like how did you get a partial smile on camera! LOL Its really that hard! We are going to get his pictures done this weekend so hopefully he'll work with the girl doing them and smile!!

Things that I've learned so far:

*getting spit up between your boobs is seriously gross
*feeding a baby is definitely messy and they'll tell you when they're ready
*talking babies are so cute! I love to hear him talk
*they really do grow up way too fast and right before your eyes
*being a mom is far more tiring than I had ever imagined
*whoever said to sleep when the baby sleeps effin lied, you'll never get a thing done
*my hubby is more helpful than I had thought he'd be, but some days not so much
*clothing diapering is awesome, and not nearly as gross as I had imagined
*having a baby has made me more aware and more green, and semi-crunchy

***I gave away the two gift cards. Congrats to the winners. Enjoy Me! Bath products!***

I always wondered how people reviewed free products for various companies and I found a couple and signed up for them. Now I'm just waiting to see if I get anything free to try out! There is this one site that is super neat and you have a party to promote the item. You have to submit an application and hope you get picked but hey why not for free stuff right?!?! The stie is I signed up for an PS3 party and sadly didn't get it...hopefully the have something cool in the near future that I can get! If any of these actually work and I get something I will definitely share the sites!


Michelle said...

Baby smiles are hard to get! For now videotape them... it's what I do! He's so cute Kelly!

The Longs in Italy.... said...