Sunday, July 18, 2010

Picture Update

Pictures that must be seen LOL

My hubby had his first Father's Day last month. He was totally excited and thrilled and happy and any other wonderful emotion he could of had. We went on base this year for the Father's Day Brunch and had ourselves a yummy breakfast. After that we just had a fun lazy day. It was perfect for both of them.

Daddy shared his whip cream from his yummy waffle with his little man.

A few weeks later we decided we'd see if he was ready to eat baby food. We started him out with a little rice cereal which he wasn't too thrilled about. We tried again a little bit later and again later and then one day he just loved the stuff and gobbled it down. He has now eaten rice cereal, bananas, green beans (which he loves), and peas. We are going to try pears later this week and in another week or two maybe some carrots. He is totally digging actually eating food, but his daddy is getting nervous and telling him he's too little to be eating it already and maybe we should back off LOL.

On July 9 my Aunt came into and my bonehead self forgot to take pictures of her and the baby together or even of her and myself together. We met in Venice and showed her around and her old exchange student. It was Nathan's first trip so of course we got a couple cute pics of him.