Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So if you have a child and haven't been to this site it freakin' rocks! Franklin Goose is an organic, "green" children's site, but they have some really cool things. Some things are a bit pricey I'll have to admit but others are reasonable and they're just an awesome site. They had this really amazing promotion that went on in March. If you left a legit review for a product you would get a $5 credit and you could leave an unlimited about of comments. My sister and I of course jumped right on that cause who can possibly pass up free money! Plus our little man deserves the world so ummm...duh we did a ton! (as did a ton of other people who did even more than we did!). They did this to get their name out there and boy did it work. I wasn't sure if they'd actually send the merchandise we purchased with these credits but they sure did!

Our little princes has a whole shower full of stuff waiting for him! Yes a shower full! We don't have closets here and not a lot of storage, so his stuff is in the downstairs shower! I'll have to take a picture of it some time! But anywho here is all the stuff my sister and I scored for out little man and we (well I) plan on ordering from them in the near future because I do have my eye on a couple of other things!

I thought this was the coolest effin tricycle I've ever seen and of course he had to have it!

I have this obsession with airplanes and had to get this. I think this is going to be his 1st birthday present.

These are teethers that I heard were super awesome. I thought they were going to be hard but they squeak and the hubby thought they were dog toys now I'm not too sure about them...

All boys need trucks and these are made from recycled plastics and the green truck is even a recycle truck!

All boys need their own tool sets to work along side their daddy with!

Ok so I loved the rubber ducky and I don't know what I was thinking about when I got the dishes...maybe I'll use them as a gift because they are super cute!

Yes I bought him noise making toys! what was i think?!?! I honestly don't have a clue but he can start his own baby band now!

These are something that I think all kids should have! I don't remember a kid I know not having something similiar!

I am currently obsessed with all things retro and I think I want to give this to my friends little boy for his birthday as he is more age appropriate for it!

But as you can see they stuck to their word and they are awesome! Oh and they have flat rate shipping which is awesome and they do ship to apo! I can't wait to order more stuff for my little man through them! The hubby tells me I need to stop, but eh I don't listen well!


Tiffany said...

Audrey and the kids in her play group all LOVE Sophie the Giraffe! It does seem very much like a dog toy, but the kids love it! I will have to check this site out!

Mrs. Sergeant said...

Guess who won some Stella & Dot Jewelry!!!

Jen Archer said...

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